The first thing on your evaluation list should be infrastructure – a critical point that you should note and compare. It is common that a student mostly gets lured by a great campus and extraordinary architecture if any. Instead of choosing the building that looks best, you need to choose the college that offers you all the basic set-up that is required to study the stream of your choice. For example, if you are looking into the top mechanical engineering colleges, check the classrooms, labs and practical room facilities, note the administrative wing specific to the department and also for soft-skills developmental workshops.

Library and information centre

Libraries and information centers are the heart and soul of every educational institution. A rich library is a primary facility in every college as this feature will decide how far your research goes and to what depths you learn while studying your engineering of applied sciences. Before taking admission, take note that of the library facilities and check whether it has an option to borrow a wide variety of books you may require for your study, working internet connection and computers that might help you in completing assignments, and educational seminars periodically.

Extra-curricular activities
Sports, cultural events, clubs and other activities, all these combine to form the extra-curricular facilities that your college must provide along with their regular curriculum. Indulgence in side-activities has a known impact on educational performance. The more you participate in fine arts forms or sports, the better your life becomes in your college. So, while many do not pay heed to the extra-curricular infrastructure present in a college, it is primary that you check for these and select the one with at least the basic amenities.

Wifi Campus

The entire campus is Wi-fi enabled with high speed internet connection to allow the students to access the internet no-matter wherever they are. The coverage is not just limited to the classrooms, instead it extends to all the facilities within the campus premises. Staff and Students are informed to utilize the Wi-Fi Facility by Registering their i-connect devices for the active usage of the facility.